Surrogacy Series #7- The Gender Reveal

Happy Wednesday!

Well, we are two days away from our due date and I absolutely cannot believe that our baby has not been born yet!  We were at risk for pre-term labor and thought for sure we would not make it to February.  But alas, here we are!

I am working my way through our surrogacy story and hoping I am able to capture all the details about this amazing experience.  Today’s post is about one of my favorite memories so far!

During our first OB appointment, our midwife told us that we were eligible to take a blood test right away to screen for chromosomal conditions.  The test would also reveal the baby’s gender. In my excitement, I had already scheduled a gender reveal ultrasound at an elective ultrasound place at 14 weeks.  But when they told us we could take this test right away AND that it would be 98% accurate, we decided to cancel the ultrasound.  We met with a genetic counselor who explained the test and she let us know that they would call Stacy with the results.

Stacy graciously offered to throw the gender reveal party at her house!  We decided that she would get the results and keep it a secret.,..even from us!  During our infertility journey, there hadn’t been many opportunities to surprise friends and family.  You can’t exactly surprise someone with a pregnancy announcement when they JUST watched your son for dozens of fertility doctor appointments!  Also, this pregnancy was already so special. For some reason, I really wanted to find out the gender of this sweet little one with my tribe around us.

We were SO excited that day.  Stacy is the BEST party planner- I am pretty convinced it is her spiritual gift 🙂  She blew me away.  It was literally the party right out of my dreams…and Pinterest!  I will let the photos speak for themselves.

IMG_6643 IMG_6644

gender party 006 gender party 005 gender party 004Friends and family began to arrive.  We passed out a trivia game about old wives tales about gender.  While people worked on the game, we took photos in the “photo booth.”

gender party 002

Once everyone had arrived, we called everyone together.  We gave the answers to the game and then we were able to share a few words.  Justin welcomed the group and shared how thankful we were for Stacy and her family.  My dad also shared a few words.  It was very special!

gender party 032 gender party 028

gender party 041 gender party 035

We took a “Girl Team”and a “Boy Team” photo and then headed outside for the big reveal!

gender party 014 gender party 010

I was beyond nervous inside.  I was a flood of emotions.  In my heart, I certainly wished for a little girl.  After losing a daughter only months before this moment, I think it was only natural.  I had been so excited to find out that I would be a mama to a little girl and it was devastating when it was over.  Would that dream become a reality once again?

But I also love being a mama to a boy!  Jack flipped my whole world upside down when he made me a mom.  His sweet kisses, endearing words of love, adventurous spirit and silly antics bring me joy beyond measure.  Having another boy and giving Jack a brother would be such a joy to watch.

But for some reason…I couldn’t get the vision of bows and lace out of my mind! 🙂  I tried to prep myself for the reveal.

The box was moved out to the patio and our little family gathered around. We teared off the tape, opened the box, held our breath, and……out came pink, blue, and black balloons???  What?  My face in the video is hilarious.  I can’t register what is happening.  Are we having twins?  If you remember, we had extremely high HCG levels which could indicate multiples.  But they had only found one baby.  Did the test revel that there was more than one?  A boy and a girl? One hundred thoughts raced through my mind.

Stacy walked over to us.  She handed each of us a pin.  She explained that we needed to pop the black balloons in order to find out the gender.  We took a deep breath and on the count of three, we popped them.  ONE….TWO….THREE….

gender party 062 1


I wish I could portray the joy with my words, but I think the pictures say it all.

gender party 063 1



IMG_6650 gender party 066 1 gender party 074 1 I couldn’t believe God had given me a little girl. It was a beautiful story of redemption and I couldn’t believe it was real.  So, I just hugged Justin and sobbed.  Then I hugged Stacy and we both had tears in our eyes.

Yes, this was real!

We spent the rest of the night celebrating with family and friends with tacos, margaritas and LOTS of smiles.  Stacy gave us our first baby girl gift and it started to sink in.

gender party 111


gender party 082 1

That night, Justin and I were too excited to sleep.  We had started a video for our announcement.  We hadn’t posted about the surrogacy or pregnancy yet and much of our extended community didn’t even know this was going on!  We stayed up late finishing the video and soaking up the joy from the day.



In case you missed it the first time, here is our announcement video.  We posted it the next morning!.


Thank you, Stacy, for the party…and of course…you know…everything.


7 Comments on Surrogacy Series #7- The Gender Reveal

  1. Lauren says:

    Beautiful! I teared up. Congratulations ❤️ I hope I can do something like this for my wonderful IPs!

  2. Jessica says:

    Loved your story!

  3. Mary Foust says:

    I am sooo happy for you all! What a wonderful surprise. She will be loved by so many. What a great video and wonderful blog of this journey. Thank you for letting us be a part of it!

  4. Mom says:

    Aww, such a happy post! Your miracle baby girl is almost here!! I love her so much already!!💕

  5. Carri says:

    What a blessing in so many ways. I am so happy for you & your family. Miracles happen, you are proof! God bless you.

  6. Dara says:

    Gah! I still remember watching the video – on a break at my desk at work – and literally sobbing tears of joy! All my co-workers thought I was having a break-down, but I just couldn’t help being so excited for you!

  7. Darla Kuper says:

    Wow, what a journey! Thank you for being so real and honest with All of us as you journey through this. God has been surprising and amazing each step!. Love each of you 😍

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