Surrogacy Series #14- The Birth

Hi friends,

The post I am sharing with you today is a story of love.

It is the love Stacy showed us by giving us this gift of carrying our daughter.  It is the love of her husband, Justin, as he cared for her during the pregnancy and birth.  It is the love Justin and I shared as we experienced this day together after so much heartache and loss.  It is the love we had for our baby girl before we even saw her face.

And it was love that felt like home when she was finally in our arms.


We had a “maybe this is labor” trip to the hospital around 6am on the morning of February 9th.  But after the exam, the doctor said that labor was likely imminent, but it was not time to be admitted.  Justin and I grabbed some bagels and headed home. Stacy went to breakfast with her family and headed to the mall.  After walking for several hours at the mall, her contractions increased and eventually became very painful.  It was time to head back to the hospital.  Here we are on the way….

img_0644After the exam, they said that this WAS IT!  They were admitting us now.

In the hospital hallway….we can’t believe this is happening!img_0655

We got settled in to the very tiny room that was available.  Stacy’s husband was THE BEST!  He cared for Stacy’s every need and kept the mood light with his smiles and positive mood. Justin- I will be co labor coaches with you any day!  The four of us had been through a long road together.  We were excited that the moment we had dreamed of was finally here!
img_3830 img_4591Contractions.  img_4599

The hospital was very crowded that day.  Stacy had been laboring in a very small triage room.  I won’t get into all the details, but after a recommended epidural, they broke her water to control the possible complications we feared with the extra fluid.  Things went as perfect as they could and the doctors assured us that we were past the danger.  We were all so relieved! After laboring a little while longer, Stacy told the hospital staff that she felt it was getting close to delivery. Just then, a “real” room opened up!  The doctors suited up and the nurses wheeled us to our new, spacious room.img_0652-jpg-n

When we got set up in the new room, the doctors checked Stacy and said we needed to wait a little longer. They would come back in an hour.  It was a shift change and when it was decided that we needed to wait an hour, we had to say goodbye to the nurses and the doctor that had been with us all afternoon.  I could tell that they were all very invested in our story and wanted to witness this birth.  They were reluctant to leave, but we thanked them and said goodbye.  We met our new doctor and liked her immediately.  We received such great care at Kaiser.  We spent the next hour getting settled in and imagining what the night held for us all.img_0654 img_4612

When the doctor came back, she said it was time!  This is me looking back at Justin in excitement.  img_4719I sat right next to Stacy in a chair and her husband was on the other side.  The plan was that they would give Ivy to me as soon as possible for skin to skin contact.  I was also able to be right by Stacy’s side during labor.  But that didn’t last long!  After a few pushes, Ivy was out!  Stacy was so calm and I was so happy that things went so smoothly for her sake (and my nerves).img_4660They couldn’t hand her to me right away because the cord was not long enough.  She laid on Stacy for a few moments while I held her hand and then I was able to cut the cord.  What an amazing experience!

img_4691After the cord was cut, she wasn’t crying as much as they wanted so they sat her up. That did the trick. What a sweet little face!img_4713 img_4723And here is the moment I had been waiting for for the last 9 months.

Well….all my life, really.
img_4742 img_4749 img_4747I love this picture so much.  img_4768

This is me looking over at Stacy as I finally held our baby in my arms.  I cry every time I see this picture because it sums up every feeling I have about this experience.

Love. Gratitude. Joy.
img_4772 Daddy and his little girl.  After getting checked out, we were told she was as healthy as can be!  The extra fluid was such a mystery, but we were so glad everyone was healthy.img_0671 Auntie Stacy finally getting to hold Ivy.  img_4831 Jack meeting his little sister for the first time.  Oh my heart can’t contain it!img_4915 img_4972

img_0689We got set up in a room and thankfully I was able to have a bed to stay overnight.  Stacy and I got to be roomies!  The boys went home in the evenings, but made sure to keep our room stocked with our favorite foods and drinks.  Those few days were very special for our little gang.  I love this picture because I feel like it sums up how happy, comfortable and joyful we all were.img_5079

With last names like Clark and Kent, we HAD to get a picture with our SUPER baby.img_5093 Ready to go home!
img_0743 img_1079The birth and hospital experience exceeded any expectations I had ever had.  I just couldn’t believe that our baby who had been conceived 4 years prior (the same day as her 4 year old brother) and was carried in another womb was finally in our arms to stay.

Stacy and Justin- we love you more than words can say.  I am so glad we got to share this together.

And with that……we went home to start our life as a family of four.




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  1. Anonymous says:

    ❤️❤️❤️ Just beautiful. Love you all. Auntie

  2. Kerry says:

    This day not only changed your life, but it changed everyone’s around you too! Your family has touched our hearts, given us a place to muster strength, hope when we felt hopeless. Thank you Clarvk family!!! Thank you Kent family!!! Xoxox

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