Surrogacy Series #11- Our Surrogacy Maternity Photo Shoot

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For those of us in Southern California, the summer heat has begun!  I am ready for lazy days by the pool, beach camping and enjoying the sunshine with my two precious kids.

Meanwhile, I am trying to get my act together with my blog. I think I have about 5 more entries to finish our surrogacy story.  I am also secretly stalling so that my video editing husband will create a video of the whole thing for my final post.  But that takes a lot of time for someone who also has a full time job making videos.  So….that may need to come later.  For now….on we go!

This post highlights another event that I will always cherish!  Capturing family moments with photos and video is something that I value quite a bit.  Even though I am a little behind, I make Shutterfly books of each year in our family life. I made a book about my pregnancy with Jack, a detailed baby book for him, and plan on doing the same for Ivy. I don’t want to miss a moment!  So when something as HUGE as this surrogacy came along, I knew we needed some very special pictures.  And I knew just who would take them.

Nine years ago, I met Sue while working in the property management field as an apartment leasing consultant.  We both enjoyed theater, music and new adventures.  We hit it off and eventually went on a double date with the boys- my brand new husband and her boyfriend, Aaron.  Thankfully, we ALL hit it off (fairly rare on a first “couple date”) and have been friends ever since.  In those early years, you could find us singing karaoke, traveling to various places, and laughing A LOT! They eventually got married and we have seen each other go through ups, downs, moves, new jobs/careers, new businesses, and the addition of children.  During these years, Aaron (with Aaron Huniu Photography) has blossomed into an amazing photographer and he has documented several seasons of our life:

Maternity Photos with Jack in 2011:

pic b2


Family Photos 2014:

1474445_10151743721306615_328931268_n (1) Jack

Family Photos 2015 and our adoption shoot (read more about our adoption story):

cover 2 profile

So when we got ready to take our surrogacy maternity photos, I gave him a call!  We scheduled a date that worked for us and Stacy’s family.  I called my very special friend Rosanna, who is more like a sister to me, and asked her to do our makeup.  Rosanna (with Rosanna Nykanen: Makeup. Hair. Art.) did the makeup for my wedding (and actually sang in the ceremony) and I was so excited that she would have a part in documenting this amazing pregnancy.  And it was even more special because she was also pregnant at the time and our babies ended up being born a day apart!  As always, she did an amazing job.

Before the shoot, I researched surrogacy photos.  There were playful ones, very serious ones, and some downright creepy ones (sorry- gotta be honest!).  It is tricky to get it just right because very quickly the photos can go very wrong.  After all, another woman is carrying my husband’s baby…and mine…so it can get a little fuzzy who is who.  I pinned a few pictures that I really liked.  Sue also owns an Etsy shop called the “Bridal Prop Shop” and she offered to make some special banners for our shoot.  When the day finally arrived, I felt like we were ready!

It ended up feeling fairly normal and we all laughed while trying to figure out just the right poses. You can check out Aaron’s blog about this shoot, but here are some of my favorites.  Isn’t Stacy beautiful!!??

Kent_2015_002 Kent_2015_003 Kent_2015_004 Kent_2015_005 Kent_2015_007 Kent_2015_008 Kent_2015_012 Kent_2015_013 Kent_2015_022

I am so thankful for Aaron and his ability to beautifully capture such an exciting time in our life.  I am also excited to show Ivy these pictures as she grows up so she will always know her story and see the brave, beautiful and kind woman who carried her right into our arms…..and made our dreams come true!

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1 Comment on Surrogacy Series #11- Our Surrogacy Maternity Photo Shoot

  1. Sue Ranscht says:

    Evocative photos, very nicely composed. I love your heart, Bonnie. I can feel your generosity and love and your strength that grows from such a grounded place that everything you say is rooted in Truth. It all flows from your writing. Thank you for sharing your story.

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