Surrogacy Series #10- Our Baby Shower

Hi all!  Yes, it is me.  The VERY inconsistent blogger.  To be fair, I am also back at work full time and writing for fun seems like a luxury right now.  But my boys are on a camping trip and my baby girl is asleep for the night, so I made a date with my laptop.

I am making my way through our surrogacy story and this post is about our baby shower!  Aside from our gender reveal party, this was one of the top highlights for me.  I had wondered what it would be like to attend my own baby shower without my own beautiful bump, but it turned out to be just as special and perhaps even a bit more meaningful.

My parents moved into a home last summer with an amazing view! Just months after an epic move (they lived in their old home since I was 5), they graciously offered to host the event.  My mom and sisters (Wendy and Beth) and my friend Mandie started chatting over email and making plans for the big day. Other family friends offered to do drinks and extra decor.  My tribe is REALLY good at throwing parties and I was so honored to be on the receiving end of all their efforts.

Not many know this, but my husband is a trained chef.  He attended culinary school while we were engaged and newly married.  He makes the very best risotto I have ever tasted.  He also had his own catering company for a bit, so he offered to do all the food for the day.

That morning I got ready with a silly grin on my face.  I couldn’t believe this day was actually here!  I had been to many baby showers over the years, and even had to turn some invitations down during my darkest days.  I had my own showers when I was pregnant with Jack.  But today felt different.  After an awful road of loss, it was time to celebrate SO much!  With BabyG, we never made it to this day.  The invitations had been sent out and plans were made, only to be cancelled in the end.

But today was REAL.  Stacy was pregnant with our baby girl and it was time to party!

We all gathered on a Sunday afternoon and it was lovely from start to finish.

After everyone had settled in, I shared a few words with the group.  Sharing my “speech” with you is the best way I can convey my feelings about this day and the amazing women in my life I was able share it with.  I will close by including it below and I think the pictures speak for themselves (thanks again to Wendy Hogan Photography for documenting the day)!

This is a day I will always treasure.

First, I want to thank my crew- my mom, Wendy, Beth and Mandie for throwing this beautiful shower.  They all worked so hard over the last few weeks to make this special.  At times, it has been hard to believe that this is even real- that this baby is coming and she will be our daughter.  Having moments like today to stop and celebrate, makes it feel real.  So thank you so much.

Second, I want to thank all of you for coming and for the role you have played in my life, and the role you will play in this baby’s life. Our family has been through many losses in our attempt to build our family.  And you- our wonderful community- have been there for us in every way possible.  Whether you prayed for us, wrote a card, helped us financially after we lost [BabyG], just laughed with me when I needed it, or mourned in tears with me- thank you.  I see God in the way He uses community- the way we can walk together and hold on tight during the storms that threaten to take us down.  You all have been the literal hands and feet of God that helped me walk during the wind and rain of our roughest storms.  Thank you.

And lastly, I wanted to say some words to Stacy.  When I handed [BabyG] back to her mom last year, something in my heart died for the first time.  My world lost its color.  A new cynicism took root that had never been there before.  I wish I was stronger and could say that I sailed through that season with grace and dignity, but I can’t.  I was broken, angry and hopeless that redemption would ever happen in our story.  And then you walked up to me at church.  It was the second time we met and you offered to give me the world.  And in an instant, I started seeing some color again for the first time.  How could I not?  It was such a beautiful and sacrificial offer and it demonstrated the best of our humanity and what happens when we let God use us for His purpose for us.  It took my breath away and it still does every day.  So thank you.  You are not only giving life to my precious baby, but you have changed me to the core in all the best ways.  I know that this baby won’t get your eye color, smile, or any of your genes, but my hope and prayer is that she is just like you.  I hope she is brave, kind, full of faith, generous, and humble.  I hope she trusts God the way you do and that she lets Him use her to profoundly change the lives of those around her for the better. I am so grateful to call you my friend and look forward too all that is ahead. 

baby shower 016 baby shower 018
baby shower 024 baby shower 030 baby shower 046
baby shower 052 baby shower 060


baby shower 051IMG_0001Giving my “speech”

IMG_0053baby shower 098

That view!!

baby shower 128

Not sure why I am making this crazy face, but I love the pink mountains in the background.  And the twinkle lights? Magical!

This was such a special day.  Thank you to everyone who celebrated with us!


2 Comments on Surrogacy Series #10- Our Baby Shower

  1. Suzanne says:

    This was the most amazing shower! I was just so incredibly blessed to be there. Your speech was absolutely the highlight !!! I was bawling by the end. I videoed it with my phone if you don’t already have a video. Your mother in law shared such nice words as well and I was blessed to hear her side of the Chick-fil-A story! 🙂 God’s plan is truly perfect. It is amazing to see how God orchestrated His plan from start to finish. Like I’ve said before, this has been one of the most exciting things I have been a part of! God is faithful and you get to stare in that beautiful babies face every day as a reminder.. 💗

  2. Stacy says:

    I don’t even know how I missed this entry of your blog, but it was of course beautiful like all the others! Thank you again for your very kind words. I was also bawling my eyes out during your speech. It’s just still so amazing to me and such an incredible blessing of how God had this entire thing perfectly planned. He is good all the time! I have said this before, but thank you again for trusting me to carry your sweet baby girl and to allow me to be a part of such an incredible life changing experience! My life is forever richer having met you and Justin and sharing in this amazing miracle! 💗

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