Surrogacy Series #5- Pregnancy Test and First Ultrasound

Happy new year, friends!  Can I tell you how happy I am that 2016 has arrived?  Like many of you, it is time for a fresh start.  The turning of a new year reminds me that there is always a chance to begin again.

If that’s you….start today.

Begin again.

You may have noticed that in the new year, my site has a brand new look!  One of my goals this year is to take my writing and my blog a bit more seriously.  My brother and hubby helped me give my site a makeover and the beautiful images from our friend, Aaron Huniu Photography, were a very special addition. Thank you, guys!

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My last post in my surrogacy series told the story of our Transfer day. We were now in the dreaded “two week wait”  (the term those of us in the infertility world use to describe the agonizing time between treatment and the pregnancy test).

This waiting period is never fun, but this time we had so much at sake.  We had spent thousands on the medical and legal fees. Stacy, her husband Justin, and their family were invested.  Our friends and family were waiting with anticipation.

Please, Lord.  Let this work….

So, I have never been good at surprises or waiting in general.  For this reason, I usually tested at home before my official pregnancy tests with the clinic during my own rounds.  I wanted to know how to prepare myself.  I didn’t want to let the voice on the other side of the phone to be the bearer of such news.  I wanted the test on the bathroom counter to tell me if my dreams were coming true or if they were crushed.  And I wanted to do it alone.  By myself.

But this time, I couldn’t just impulsively take a pregnancy test.  I debated on bringing it up with Stacy, but eventually my curiosity got the best of me.

The Friday before our pregnancy test (scheduled for Monday), I asked Stacy if she would mind taking a test.  I think she was surprised, but kindly agreed to indulge in my craziness.  She was running errands but promised she would take one when she got home.

A little while later, she texted me this picture and said “CONGRATULATIONS!!!”IMG_5375



I can’t remember the exact feeling, but I know it was filled with both fear and excitement.

There was so much joy because it had actually worked!  I would have been crushed if this whole process turned out to be one, big, fat letdown.  But, it wasn’t! One or more of our little embryos had settled in enough to make that second line on the test appear!  Eeeeekkk!

But, there was also fear.  I had gotten to this same point four times, but I still did not have a baby in my arms.  Was this going to be the same?  Should I dare to hope?

I texted the picture to Justin and then called him.  As I spoke with him, I heard my own emotions in his voice.  This was positive news, but we had so far to go.

She tested again on Sunday and the line was DARK.  I had never gotten that dark of a line on my tests.  I felt fairly confident we were in for some good news on Monday!IMG_5399 And we were!

Our doctor personally called me Monday afternoon.  She said, “Well…. Stacy is VERY pregnant!”  She went on to tell me that her beta number (HCG level) was extremely high.  Off the charts, actually.  At 12 days past 5 day transfer, her beta was 1,034!  My beta with Jack (after 11 days) was in the mid 200’s and that was considered high!  I was shocked.  I asked the doctor if this could mean twins or triplets.  She said that it could certainly indicate multiples.  But, she said that sometimes she sees numbers like this and there is only one.  So we would just need to wait until the ultrasound that was scheduled for two weeks later.

More waiting.

We sent out this picture to our family and close friends.


Justin and I were a bundle of emotions.  We had been preparing ourselves for a miscarriage, but now should we plan for twins?  I remember going to Babies R Us and checking out the double strollers…just in case, of course. We searched the internet for HCG levels and magically wished it would serve as a crystal ball to tell us how many babies were in Stacy’s womb.  But we were in the dark.

Finally, the ultrasound day arrived.

On June 19th, we nervously huddled in the exam room.  With baited breath, we waited for the doctor to come in.

She proceeded with the ultrasound.  Here is the video….

My whole body sighed with relief (as you can actually hear in the video!).  We had made it to this day!  This day had always been the milestone that was always just out of reach for us.  On our quest for Baby #2, we had only arrived here once before, but our baby was dying.

But, this baby was alive and thriving.  And I just couldn’t believe it!

I knew there was a long road ahead, but that night, we celebrated.  We celebrated because this new little life was growing and that our family was hopefully adding a new member!

Who knew miracles could come in such tiny packages?

IMG_5493 (1)IMG_5495


4 Comments on Surrogacy Series #5- Pregnancy Test and First Ultrasound

  1. Peggy Chambers says:

    What a gift God has given you!

  2. Melody says:

    I remember getting those texts and pictures! What an awesome miraculous time of joy and waiting!

  3. Darla Kuper says:

    We continue to be amazing at Gos’s hand in all of this. We are so excited and blessed by your details all along the way, love you all! Yipee she is almost here!!!

  4. Darla Kuper says:

    We continue to be amazing at God’s hand in all of this. We are so excited and blessed by your details all along the way, love you all! Yipee she is almost here!!!

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