Adoption Perspectives Radio Show

Guys!  I was on the radio!

After I posted about our hospital experience, my (new) friend, Rebecca Vahle, reached out to me through my site and asked if I would be her guest on her radio show, Adoption Perspectives.

I was thrilled to hear from her because I already knew of her!  During my prep for the hospital experience, I was reading and listening to anything I could get my hands on.  Rebecca was a guest on a podcast I listened to and she discussed the importance of making a hospital plan before the birth in an open adoption.  Although our facilitator was already doing that with us, listening to Rebecca speak about her experiences during this emotional time really prepared our family for our own experience.  She founded the Family to Family Support Network.  Their mission statement is:

Empowering healthcare workers and families through adoption education, support and community connection.

Isn’t that amazing?  She started this organization to provide training to the healthcare workers that are right there in the middle of this intense “wedding and a funeral experience” during an open adoption birth.

I was so thankful for her invitation and the chance to meet Rebecca.  It was truly a pleasure to share our story of infertility, adoption, and surrogacy- and how God’s faithfulness carried us through!

I just wanted to point out that I do have a speaking contact form on my site.  If my story has struck a chord with you and you think that others may benefit from hearing it at your women’s event, MOPS meeting, retreat, etc- please contact me!

Click here to hear the radio show!


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