Our Story – The Highlight Reel

Welcome!  If this is your first time visiting my site, I am glad you are here!  thought I would post a “quick” summary of our story and include some links to help you find your way around.  Here is the highlight reel: 

  • Married June 23, 2007
  • Started trying to conceive after 2 years of marriage
  • 2009: Diagnosed with male infertility and I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease (it was a bad year)
  • Was told we would need to do IVF or adopt in order to have a family.  Justin and I ended up on different sides of the fence and it was NOT a fun time.  Because we couldn’t make a decision, we waited.  For two years.
  • After LOTS of prayer, we did our only IVF round in the Spring of 2011
    • We were told we would likely end up with a handful of extra embryos- all of which we happily planned on transferring.  We wanted a big family.  Instead, we ended up with 18 perfect, little embryos.  We were thankful AND terrified.
  • IVF Fresh Transfer:
    • 2 embryos transferred and we got pregnant with our son! HCG level was 221 on our first blood test. I had the BEST pregnancy.
  • Jack Tyler was born on 12/24/2011- a perfect Christmas gift.  We spent a blissful year enjoying our sweet son and learning how to be a family.
  • December 2012- Frozen Embryo Transfer Round 1
    • 2 embryos transferred, Positive home pregnancy test, but was negative by my blood test.  Was that a miscarriage?
  • Spring 2013- Frozen Embryo Transfer Round 2
    • 2 embryos, Definite positive home pregnancy test.  Beta level was 23 and dropped from there.  They told me this was a chemical pregnancy (an early miscarriage). Read about it here
  • Fall 2013- Frozen Embryo Transfer Round 3
    • 3 embryos. Beta level was 7 and dropped from there.  Another early miscarriage
  • Did a plethora of tests.  “We can’t find anything wrong with you.”
  • Spring 2014-Frozen Embryo Transfer Round 4
  • Summer 2014- We have lost 11 embryos. We wanted(and will) finish what we started with the remaining 6 embryos, but we couldn’t handle any more loss right now (oh the irony!!).  Started the adoption process.  You can read about our whole adoption in my series.
  • October 2014- We were matched with a birthmom! Baby (gender unknown) due beginning of December
  • 11/30/2014- Baby GIRL was born.  We went to the hospital, named our little girl, took her home to meet everyone we loved, and for 20 days- we were a family of 4! I had a little girl!
  • 12/20/2014- After 20 days of parenting, we handed over our little girl (along with so many hopes and dreams) back to her birthmom.  She decided to parent- which is her legal choice to make within 30 days.  We were devastated.
  • February 2015- An amazing woman (with the support of her amazing husband and family) offered to be a surrogate for us!
  • June 1, 2015- Positive pregnancy test with a beta level of 1034 at 12dp5dt (12 days past 5 day transfer).  One precious, baby girl due 2/5/16.  Read about our surrogacy journey here!

And the rest of the story is still being written!  Thanks for coming along for the ride!


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  1. Sharon Kent says:

    This is truly God’s word coming from your heart as well as the most unselfish gift of sharing yourself. We are so very proud of your strength and courage to touch the lives of others by being willing to be so vulnerable. We love you both for letting this story be told.

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