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Surrogacy Series #4- Transfer Day!

Hi all!  Apparently, last time I got a little too confident about blogging weekly.  Justin started a new job and it has been a bit of a struggle adjusting to our new schedule and all the moving parts that come with having two full time jobs and raising a three year old.  But writing is important to me and I am going to need to learn to squeeze it in somewhere!

The story so far has led us right up to Transfer Day!!!

Stacy had been faithfully following the protocol leading up to this day.  She had graciously been administering drugs and shots to get her body ready to actually transfer the embryos.  She passed all the requirements and we got the green light to proceed with the transfer as scheduled.

This day has always been a day full of many powerful emotions for me.  I had experienced 5 of them at the time of this story, so I knew the drill by heart. I knew about getting the call from the embryologist in the morning, the long drive up to Del Mar, sitting in the waiting room with clenched hands and nervous minds, meeting the embryologist and seeing a picture of our little babies, the relatively painless and fast process of transferring the embryos, laying in the dark and quiet room alone in my thoughts and prayers afterward, and the equally long drive home with the astonishing feeling that there were now more than just the two of us in the car.

But today would be different.  (more…)


Surrogacy Series #3- Medical and Legal Screening

Hi all! I am hoping to get back in the groove of writing every week.  I realized that if I don’t keep up, I will have a NEWBORN before I know it and time for writing might not be as readily available.

But believe me, I won’t be complaining.  I can’t wait until this baby is born!!!

But now I am just getting ahead of the story! Back to where we were….

In my last post, I talked about the difficulty we had in making the decision to take yet another risk to build our family.  But ultimately, we decided to go for it!  Justin and Stacy had waited patiently.  When we finally told them that we wanted to move forward, we all couldn’t believe it was actually going to happen!

But first, we had to get through the screening process. (more…)


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Surrogacy Series #2- The Decision

Welcome to the second installment of our First Trimester Surrogacy blog series! I apologize for the break.  It has been a busy summer!

If you haven’t read the first post or gotten caught up on our story, you may want to check those out first!

Alright…back to the story….

We had just received the generous and unexpected offer from Stacy and her husband, Justin for surrogacy. I was in the in the middle of a FET round (although our official baseline appointment wasn’t for a few more days), so we told them that if this round didn’t work, we would talk to them about it for our next and final round. (more…)


Surrogacy Series #1- The Offer

Hi all!

I hope your summer is wrapping up nicely.  I took a few weeks off after our BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!  If you haven’t seen our video, you need to stop and watch it right now.  Or else….none of this will make sense!

And if you haven’t read about our adoption reclaim, you can read about it here.

With Stacy’s blessing, I have decided to keep writing while I document this AMAZING surrogacy process.  It is a once in a lifetime experience and I am trying to soak up every minute.  And I am constantly trying to find and follow other surrogate journeys, so I am happy to throw my thoughts out there for those coming behind us!

For organizational sake, I think I will do 3 series documenting each trimester.  So welcome to the first installment of my Surrogacy First Trimester Series.  Here we go….. (more…)


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