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Adoption Series #5 – The Hospital Exit


The Hospital Exit

Happy Wednesday, everyone!  As always, please get caught up before reading this post.  Also, please make sure to subscribe by email  (on your right) if you would like to be reminded of posts.

In my last post, I shared how “our” baby girl was born.  It was such a life-changing moment and although she is no longer with us, I will sincerely remember that day with fondness.  From here on out, I will just refer to her as BabyG (girl).

The story continues….

We had created a specific birth and hospital-stay plan with our facilitator beforehand.  In it, we agreed that Justin and I would primarily care for the baby and that we would have her in our room overnight. We also included some special time with just the baby and her birthmom.

On paper, all of this sounded pretty straightforward to me.  But in real life, the cast of characters are real people going through some very complex emotions.  I wouldn’t describe the time in the hospital as a negative experience in any way.  It was just intense. (more…)


Adoption Series #4 – The Birth


The Birth

Welcome to the fourth installment of our adoption story blog series.  If you’ve missed my previous posts, feel free to get caught up.  And if you haven’t already, be sure to subscribe on my email list so you don’t miss a post.

*Just an FYI; any pictures of the baby will be blurred to protect the privacy of our birthmom and her family.

Before I dive into this week’s post, I just want to thank you all for being so supportive of my writing.  Many of you have left beautiful comments.  Some of you have pulled me aside in person and thanked me for writing.  I know there is a lot to read on the internet right now and I am humbled and grateful that you have taken a few moments to listen to our story.

And as I said before, I think (and hope) you may find some of your own stories in these paragraphs.  The road looks different for each of us, but I think if we sat down and we were honest, we would see that that there are some moments we share that are just innately human– the feeling of a first love, the sound of a child’s laugh, the hug of an old friend, the smell of a favorite meal, a memory that will always sting, and the crushing sense of loss.  If I am able to capture even a fraction of how these moments change us individually and unite us collectively, I feel like I have accomplished what I set out to do. (more…)


Adoption Series #3 – The Prep


The Prep

Welcome to the third post in our adoption story series.  If you haven’t read the first and second ones, please stop and get caught up!  This week is full of pictures and memories.

I have been putting off writing this post all week.  I think it is because it is hard to remember the “in-betweens” of life.  I remember the high of the phone call and the match meeting as if it happened moments ago and I remember the spinning sensation of our grief when we lost her, but it is that time in between that is lost.  It is the moments between the climb and the fall, the inhale and the exhale, and the loving and losing that get swept up in the shuffle of it all.  It is the ordinary, mundane and the daily things that get passed by.  (more…)


Adoption Series #1- The Call


The Call

In 2010, our doctor told us that in order to have children we would either need to do IVF or adopt. 

Our decision was a tough one as we immediately each picked a different side of the fence.  I could write an entire post about that decision (in fact I probably will), but during that time, we went to an adoption information meeting at a center that facilitates open adoptions.  We ended up going with the IVF route at that time, but the paperwork from that meeting still sat in my file cabinet in a file titled “Adoption.” (more…)


New Website Launch!!!


Welcome!  I am glad you found your way to my blog!

I have dabbled in writing a blog for a few years now, but after a CRAZY 2014, I decided that I wanted to start writing with a little more purpose.  With the encouragement of my supportive husband and the help of my talented brother, we have redesigned my site.  We still have some more work to do (anyone make amazing logos out there??), but we are officially launching! (more…)

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