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Adoption Series #1- The Call


The Call

In 2010, our doctor told us that in order to have children we would either need to do IVF or adopt. 

Our decision was a tough one as we immediately each picked a different side of the fence.  I could write an entire post about that decision (in fact I probably will), but during that time, we went to an adoption information meeting at a center that facilitates open adoptions.  We ended up going with the IVF route at that time, but the paperwork from that meeting still sat in my file cabinet in a file titled “Adoption.” (more…)


New Website Launch!!!


Welcome!  I am glad you found your way to my blog!

I have dabbled in writing a blog for a few years now, but after a CRAZY 2014, I decided that I wanted to start writing with a little more purpose.  With the encouragement of my supportive husband and the help of my talented brother, we have redesigned my site.  We still have some more work to do (anyone make amazing logos out there??), but we are officially launching! (more…)

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