Kent_2015_036There are a few things you should probably know about me now that we are friends. First, I love cheese. I would take it over chocolate any day and once received a block of parmesan as a gift- wrapped up and all. Now that we have that out in the open, there are some other things I love.

Justin– In the charming surroundings of Applebees in the summer of 2005, I looked across the table and with a pounding heart, I said the word that changed everything- “Confused.” Sensing the shift in our relationship, this boy, my best friend of over 5 years, asked me “How do you feel about me?” Confused changed it all because confused meant that I was no longer looking at the boy who took me out for Valentine’s day when we were both single or would sing in the car with me at the top of our lungs. Confused meant that I was falling in love with him. We got married in 2007 and I never could have imagined the story we would write together with our lives. Feel free to read some of the highlights here. He is the video guy at Planning Center Online and is a trained chef and musician.
Jack– In this blog, you will read about the struggles we have faced in building our family. For that reason, I can truly call this blue eyed, charming little boy my living and breathing miracle. I am so privileged to be his momma and I am trying to soak up these days while he is small- even as I brave the joys of potty training and picky eating.

Ivy– I am still pinching myself that this little girl is here.  Our journey to have Baby #2 was a long and wild ride.  I will forever be grateful to our amazing surrogate and friend, Stacy who offered to bring this little lady into the world.  She lights up our life with her endearing smiles and giggles.  We can’t wait to continue to get to know her!

Jesus- Even in my darkest days of doubt and confusion (and there were many), I cannot turn away from this man who changed everything.   I could recite dozens of Bible verses before I could even drive a car. I minored in Bible. But, really, the last ten years has been a story of Jesus pursuing my broken heart. I hope to share my story- because it is His story- and make His name great.

Family– I literally belong to the Bravermans from Parenthood. Our get-togethers include eight adults, six kids, talking at very high volumes, laughing, real conversations and lots of love. Justin and I are also rarely blessed to have our ENTIRE family living in San Diego. Needless to say, babysitting is never an issue. But more than those who share my name or bloodline, I love my “family” of dear friends, church community, and the beautiful souls that have crossed my path. Our favorite thing to do is have “family” over, cook a delicious meal, pour a glass of wine and talk about the things that matter.

Writing– When I was a little girl, I clearly remember narrating stories inside my head. Writing is my art. It’s my release. Whether I have millions of readers someday or only three, I know this is one of the things I need to do on this earth. It is the thing that helps me make sense of it all. You will find all of me on these pages and sometimes it is a painful labor of love to get my words out. I never imagined I would write this crazy story, but it’s mine and I want to share it with you. While I work full time in the education field, I would much rather curl up and fulfill my dream of writing a book.